MJ3971Ax300 Horizontal Square Wood Band Saw Machine

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MJ3971Ax300 Square Wood Band Saw Cutting MachineHorizontal wood band saw cutting machine is mainly for cutting variety of square wood puzzle ,thick wood plate into thin solid wood flooring or thin wood panels. It can cut max. 300mm width square timber.

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MJ3971Ax300 Horizontal Band Saw Machine For Square Wood Cutting Advantages

Human oriented micro computer operator interfaces, for easy and convenience operating.
Sawing width is controlled by the combine use of rotary high precise encoder and rigid ball screwod, to provide higher accuracy.
Use asisted reefed system, save time, save labor and free from worry.
PLC intergrated controlsystem, save and reliable.
Hydraulic saw blade tension auto-compensation system ensure the saw blade is always staying a bes tension status and provides a longer service life.
The conveyer belt is driven by hydraulic motor, which provides steady operation, constant and powerful driving force, so as to ensure the workpiece is smooth.
Thickness tolerance 0.1mm-0.2mm, no gap between interface.
Saw route in 1.5-1.8mm, 20% save compared with other cutting methods, effectively reduce costs.
All ready-to-ship machines inspected by overseas dept. staff indepedently with detail photo and video to customers. We are trying all the best to insure your worry-free on both purchasing and running of all our machines.

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MJ3971Ax300 Horizontal Square Wood Band Saw, a reliable and sturdy tool designed to simplify your wood cutting tasks. Capable of cutting square timber up to a width of 300mm, this versatile machine gives you precise and efficient results.

The square log band saw cutter is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Its solid structure guarantees stability during operation, reduces vibration and provides a smooth cutting experience. Craftsmen and woodworkers alike will appreciate the machine's ability to handle heavy-duty tasks without compromising precision.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this bandsaw machine effortlessly slices through wood with a powerful motor and sharp cutting blades for clean, precise cuts. Whether you're cutting girders or small pieces, a log band saw cutter will deliver consistent results every time.

With user-friendly controls and an intuitive interface, the machine is very easy to operate. Even if you're new to woodworking, you'll quickly learn to navigate its features and adjust settings to meet your specific cutting requirements. The adjustable depth of cut allows for versatility, giving you the freedom to create different shapes and sizes according to your project needs.

Safety is paramount in any woodworking environment and square log band saw cutters take this aspect very seriously. It is equipped with several safety features including a blade guard and an emergency stop button for safe and hassle-free operation.

The machine has been designed with export quality in mind and complies with international standards, making it a valuable addition to any professional woodworking workshop. Its reliable performance and efficiency guarantee higher productivity and precise results.

In conclusion, the MJ3971Ax300 Horizontal Square Log Bandsaw Cutter combines precision, durability and versatility to provide a cutting-edge solution for all your wood cutting needs. Invest in this dependable machine today and experience seamless operation and superior performance to take your woodworking projects to new heights.

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    Distance from band saw blade to worktable (mm) 3~200mm
    Conveyer belt width (mm) 285mm
    Power of saw wheel(kw) 15kw
    Diameter of saw unit gear(mm) 711mm
    Feeding speed (m/min) 0~12m/min
    Hydraulic pressure (kg/cm²) 55kg/cm²
    Dust outlet diameter 102mmX2
    Size of saw blade (LxWxH) (mm) 4572x27x0.9mm
    Saw kerf (mm) 1.5~1.8mm
    Overall dimensions(LxWxH) (mm) 3000x2250x2000
    Net weight (kg) 1950kg
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