CNC Band Saw Machine for Curved Wood Processing (MJS 1612B)

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Woodworking CNC Band Saw Machine for Curved Line Wood Processing(MJS 1612B)Designed for accurate and efficient curve cutting, it’s a highly automated woodworking CNC band saw especially designed for cutting complicated curves such as solid wood chair legs and bed head.

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Woodworking CNC Band Saw Machine for Curved Wood Processing(MJS 1612B) Features

• Advanced CNC control features, powerful function and easy operation, and fully automatic cutting operation.
• High efficiency curve cutting without need of copy template or mould.
• The entire feeding mechanism is manufactured from aluminum alloy, featuring light weight, maximum durability and beautiful outlook.
• Panel feed is driven by a servo motor and transmitted through rack, that permits fast feeding motions and high positioning accuracy.
• Slide ways are mounted with high precision linear guide ways for stable and smooth feeding motions.
• CNC Band saw blade swiveling angle: 90 ̊ and it’s programmable.
• All travels are driven by servo motors combined with the use of Germany linear guide ways.
• Aluminum alloy automatic feeding mechanism features light weight, maximum durability and elegance.
• Rugged machine construction exhibits outstanding stability.

Product Description

Woodworking CNC band saw machine for curved wood processing, this one model no. is MJS 1612B. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to deliver unrivaled precision and efficiency for curved cutting tasks in woodworking.

CNC band saws are marvels of modern engineering. It is packed with advanced features for precise and intricate cuts even on the thickest, hardest woods. The machine's computer numerical control (CNC) system enables it to perform tasks with the highest level of precision and consistency.

The MJS 1612B has many impressive features, starting with its large work table, which gives the user enough space to work with wood materials of any size. Its six horizontal and vertical wheels ensure maximum stability, which is essential for achieving accuracy in cutting operations. The wheels also allow for smooth and stable movement, reducing the risk of vibrations and other forms of movement that can affect cutting accuracy.

The machine's laser alignment system further enhances its precision. The system enables the user to align the blade with the material to be cut, ensuring the cut is delivered exactly where it is intended. The machine is also equipped with an emergency stop button to provide users with a quick and safe stop system in case of emergency.

With a speed range of 1-25 meters per minute, the machine is ideal for both fast and slow cutting operations. Additionally, it has an adjustable blade tension system that allows users to set the proper tension for each type of material for accurate cutting.

In conclusion, the woodworking CNC band saw machine for curved wood (MJS 1612B) is the perfect solution for professionals who require the highest level of precision and efficiency for curved cutting tasks. Its advanced features and cutting-edge technology make it a reliable and efficient tool for any woodworking application.


The processing efficiency is high, the processing work-piece surface is good quality and no need to be crossed.

Save the timber, processing range is wide, automatic programming, the operation is easy, man-machine division, it can reduce the risk of industrial injury, it is an ideal production equipment for wood furniture and other enterprises.

This machine no need to rotate the saw blade, it can easily rotate 90′ , and the used saw range is wide, scientific structure design avoids the loss brought by the saw breaking and loss, extend the life of the saw blade.

CNC band saw machine is an affordable and economy machine, it can solve the curve processing for hundreds of users.

The open feeding platform is more convenient, and the sawing efficiency is higher. Strong cylinder fixtures, the clamping device is reliable, clamping range is wide, it can saw the multi-layer sheet synchronously.

The saw clamping device can enhance its precision.

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  • 1.  Machining method: Workpiece movement and saw blade rotation
    2.  Working size:  2500×1250×200mm
    3.  Material Clamps:  4 pieces in total
    4.  Press Method:  Roller Press×2(D76×1150mm)
    5.  Movable Aluminum Alloy Bar  5 pcs
    6.  X-axis drive method:  Precision rack and pinion
    7.  Y-axis drive method :  Precision ball screw
    8. Maximum working feed:  1~25m/min
    9.  Maximum return feed:  50m/min
    10.Dimension of saw blade: L 5040×W 12~1mm×T 0.7mm
    11.Saw blade tensioning method: Air pressure tension
    12.Saw wheel tensioning cylinder:  D125×50
    13.Cylinder tension pressure:  0.4Mpa
    14.Saw wheel diameter:  800×40mm
    15.Saw wheel rotation:   450~700rpm
    16.Minimum cutting radius of the arc: 30mm
    17.Saw blade turning angle: ±90°
    18.Power of main motor:  11kw
    19.X-axis servo motor power : 2.0kw
    20.Y-axis servo motor power : 1.0kw
    21.Z-axis servo motor power : 0.4kw×2
    22.  Worktable feed linear guide: 30
    23.  Control System:  CNC
    24.  Overall dimension :
    Saw  (L×W×H)   1000×665×2325mm
    Worktable(L×W×H) 5300×2100×1660mm
    Electric control box(L×W×H) 1250×600×1600mm

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