PVC Edge Banding Machine T-450GY

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Competitive Price PVC Edge Banding Machine T-450GYPVC edge banding machine is widely used in office furniture and home furniture industry. It can band pvc, veneer, acrylic etc. tapes to office table, kitchen cabinet and wardrobe etc. panel furniture products. ?As professional PVC edge banding machine manufacture in China, we are willing to give customer quality machine with best price and perfect service.T450GY PVC edge banding machine functions: Pre-milling / Gluing / End Trim / Fine Trim / Scraping / Buffing/Corner Rounding.

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Automatic PVC Edge Banding Machine Main Features

1. Our PVC edge banding machine uses Taiwan Delta/Invt. frequency controller, insured the duration and precision of our machine.
2. PLC use Taiwan Delta brand, air cylinder use SCM from Japan, INNA liner track, Honeywell limitation switch, all key parts we choose market tested best brands to try to guarantee our edgebander performance and let our customers can enjoy to use our machines.
3. Independent electric lifting up and down system, simple and convenient.
4. Precise encoder control, high speed.
5. Special polishing structure, motor angle can be universal adjusted, make the PVC/Acrylic/ABS/Veneer band polishing and buffing to the best.
6. Glue spray clean system is optional, it’s good to remove the glue and dirty on MDF/Wood panel during plastic edge banding process.
7. With such powerful functions and high efficiency, our PVC edge banding machine price is very competitive. As professional edge banding equipment manufacture and supplier from China, We give factory price direct to final customer, you buy, you save!


T450GY PVC edge banding machine


Edge banding machine in the show


Automatic band change edge banding machine


Automatic belt changing and edge banding machine



Equipped with double diamond blades, remove the possible waving texture on edge to achieve better edge banding affection.

End trim running through precise liner track, automatically tracked with mould and fast cut with high frequency high speed motor, guaranteed the plain and complete of cutting side.

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The buffing device adopts cotton material polishing wheel to sand the finished edge band more smoothly.

The gluing equipment adopts a special structure to distribute the glue evenly on the tape panel and the tape to ensure a stronger adhesion.



Fine and rough trim facilities are used to remove the extra material on band, it adopts mould automatically track and high frequency high speed motor, ensure the plain and smooth of work piece top and bottom parts.

Scraping units used to remove the texture which might happened during trim processing, guarantee the band to be smooth and plain.


Product Description

This PVC Edge Banding Machine T-450GY the perfect solution for your office and home furniture production needs. Our machine is designed with versatility in mind, capable of banding a wide range of materials such as PVC, veneer, acrylic and many more.

The machine's functions include pre-milling, gluing, end cutting, fine trim, scraping, buffing and corner rounding.

One of the standout features of our PVC edge banding machine is its use of the latest technology from leading brands. The Taiwan Delta brand touch screen and inverter provide a smooth and user-friendly control interface.

We have also selected the finest quality components for our machine, such as the INNA linear track and Honeywell limitation switch. These premium parts are all market-tested and proven to deliver superior performance and durability.

The innovative independent electric lifting up and down system makes our PVC edge banding machine even more convenient and easy to use. The precise encoder control and high speed operation ensure that you can switch between different functions smoothly and efficiently, without wast ing any time.

Additionally, our machine offers an optional glue spray clean system, which helps to remove glue and other types of dirt from MDF/Wood panels, resulting in a cleaner and more professional finish.

In summary, our PVC Edge Banding Machine T-450GY offers a powerful combination of functionality, reliability, and innovation, ensuring that your furniture production process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Choose our machine today and experience the difference it can m take to your business.



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    Motor Power 14.5Kw
    Overall Dimension 6180*1000*1600mm
    Feeding Speed 16-18-20mm/min
    Panel Thickness 12-60mm
    Edge Banding Tape Thickness 0.4-3mm
    Panel Width ≥80mm
    Working Air Pressure 0.6Mpa
    Net Weight 2800kgs

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