What are the applications and characteristics of lamination vacuum press machine?

Classification of lamination vacuum press machine:

Pre-painted type

This kind of machine lamination is formed in one step, and the consumables used have been coated with glue. During lamination, the glue is melted by heating, and then the film is bonded to the printed matter through pressure. This kind of coating equipment is cheap, easy to operate, and does not produce harmful gases during operation. It is a trend in the development of coating. In today’s society that pays increasing attention to environmental protection, it is believed that this technology will one day replace the pre-coated film and become the The main laminating technology in the domestic printing industry. The disadvantage is that this technology is not very mature in China, and there are still some problems to be solved, such as: single-sided film curling (there are single-sided anti-curling machines, but the price is higher), and printed matter with silicone oil is difficult to cover. membrane etc. It is widely used in short-run printing and digital quick printing industries.


Features of lamination vacuum press machine:

1. There are two movable worktables, which are driven by workbench motors and can enter and exit automatically.
2. The work surface of the fuselage is made of high-strength steel plate, which will not deform after long-term operation in a high-temperature environment.
3. The vacuum pump is customized according to the machine, with stable performance and fast pumping.
4. Different sizes can be made according to customers
5. The heating method adopts integral aluminum row heating and heating tube auxiliary heating to ensure consistent temperature in the entire working area, making the PVC film more efficient and evenly heated without causing orange peel, bubbles, corners, etc.
6. It adopts rack transmission to ensure uniform travel and variable frequency speed regulation. The workpiece will not move when entering and exiting the workbench, and it can absorb and cover the workpiece better.
7. The operating system is an integrated control system that can store 8 commonly used parameters. From a usage perspective, it is simple to operate, saves time, extends the service life of electrical appliances, and saves costs.
8. This machine is widely used in cabinets, wardrobes, paint-free doors, composite doors, etc. It can also be used for sliding door soft packaging, heat transfer printing, laminated veneer, etc. (with silicone panels).



Post time: May-04-2024