Efficient and Fast Woodworking Automatic PVC Laminating Machines PVC Paper Sticking Machines for MDF Board and Decorative Board

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Automatic PVC Laminating Machine PVC Paper Sticking MachineDoor panels, furnitures,voice speakers, building materials and other decorative uses.

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This TC-IIIA Automatic PVC Laminator that transforms your products into high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products.

This machine is ideal for professional furniture makers who want to improve their lamination process, whether PVC or paper. With the TC-IIIA model, you can say goodbye to crushed and blistered finishes and get perfect results every time.

Due to advanced technology, high precision, and reasonable structure, this laminating machine is easy to operate and works well, again and again. User-friendly interface and intuitive design make it a must-have machine for any factory.

TC-IIIA has a front and rear conveying system for easy loading and unloading of materials. It also has gluing structure, paper feeding mechanism, brush roller cleaning system and heat pressing structure to ensure a complete and efficient lamination process.

The machine is not limited to furniture manufacturing, but can be applied in many other industries. Door panels, building materials, trim, and even voice speakers can be laminated to perfection with this state-of-the-art machine. It's perfect for any business looking to elevate their products.

Don't settle for a subpar finish - step up your products with the TC-IIIA Automatic PVC Laminator. Increase productivity, improve quality and meet customer demands with effortless lamination. With this machine, anything is possible - your products will look better than ever.

Features of Automatic PVC Laminating Machine

1.TC-IIIA laminating machine is suitable for professional furniture manufacturer with PVC and paper laminating.

2.It has the advantage of no crushing, no bubbly and good quality feature.

3. With advanced technology, high precision, reasonable composition and convenient operation, it is a good machine for laminating PVC and paper.

4. The machine also includes front and rear conveying, gluing structure, paper feeding, brush roller cleaning and hot pressing structure.



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  • Model TC-IIIA
    Paper width 1280mm
    Processing width 1220mm
    Max.processing thickness 3-50mm
    Min. Processing length 600mm
    Feed speed 0-10m/min
    Pressing roller heating power 2kw
    Unwinding roller heating power 1kw
    Lifting power 0.75kw*2
    Motivity power 1.5kw*2
    Total power 8kw
    Machine weight 2800kg
    Machine Dimension 12000*1900*1700mm
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