What’s Panel Saw?

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Specification: Model MJB6228 Max. cutting length 2800mm Max. Cutting thickness 80mm Main saw spindle diameter Φ30mm Groove saw spindle diameter Φ25.4mm Main saw blade dimension Φ355mm Groove saw blade dimension Φ160mm Main saw spindle rotation speed 4200 r/min Groove saw spindle rotation speed 4500 r/min Cutting speed 13-26 m/min Main saw motor power 7.5Kw Working pressure 0.6-0.8mpa Dust outlet diameter Φ100mm(4”) Overall dimension(LxWxH) 5608x3560x1550mm Machine weight 1900kg [...]

Woodworking machinery tool application: detailed steps for installation and debugging of woodworking four-sided planing equipment tools

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1. Equipment debugging (1) Tool disassembly and assembly The four-sided planer's knife has two installation forms: one is the spindle with a planer head, and the planer blade is installed on the planer; the other is a smooth [...]

5 steps on how to adjust disc modeling of fine trimming in edge bander

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In furniture panel market, there are some deigners will make drilling holes, hinge holes before edge banding. We will recommend disc model to fix in trimming groups. There are some tips: [...]

Instructions for usage auto oil pump in edge banding machine

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This auto oil tank pump is for edge banding machine T-280, T-450, T-600, T-800 series Specification:Voltage: 220V Pressure: 10kg Power: 30W Here is instruction for use of auto oil pump: 1.This auto pump has lubrication, intermittent, setting functions [...]

Brush Sanding Machine Solutions for Embossed Wooden Doors!

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In 2021, design will be the core and key that more furniture factories are pursuing. Category design will also become a major event. لعبة الباصرة How to seize the mainstream design will become an important step in the [...]

How To Get Perfect Edge Sealing In Low Temperature Winter

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Perfect edge sealing plays a connecting role in the production of panel furniture. The edge sealing process is complicated, and if there is no rich operating experience, quality problems are easily appeared. With the arrival of winter, the [...]

3 important factors that determine the quality of panel furniture: wood, surface, edge banding

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Furniture is the most important part of home improvement, and it also costs a lot. Therefore, furniture has become the focus of attention. 3 important factors that determine the quality of panel furniture: wood, surface, edge banding. The [...]