In Chinese, wood is a natural reincarnation. The creator turns it into a craftsman and uses wood as a device. Immerse yourself in carpentry and see character, remove impetuousness. whatbis ivermectin Wooden rasps, hand chisels, claw hammers, wood sandpaper, ink fountains, squares, axes, saws… These tools are all reminding people who do carpentry to slow down and calm down in life.

There is a group of young designers who are full of energy, love to create, and experienced professional wood teachers who have opened up a quiet wood workshop in Xi’an, a bustling city.

hand made furniture

There are separate independent hand-made wooden art classrooms, children’s wooden art classrooms, large-scale equipment operation areas, fine polished areas, wooden coffee culture and leisure areas, wooden art work consignment areas, designer design works, and other independent spaces.

Through the three aspects of entertainment, teaching, and practical operation, the entire workstore enables people who come to experience wood to acquire knowledge and happiness, and at the same time, they improve their hands-on capabilities and use their own hands to realize the many ideas that are unpredictable in their brains. Works can be brought home to share with friends and family.

Safety is the first guideline for the workstore, and there is a dedicated management of each electric equipment.

Beginners are  only allowed to use manual tools that are safe, and experienced teachers can provide guidance. Each person who experiences wood is required to perform practical exercises through safety education.

The workshop is a woodworking experience center and a wooden treasure museum. It is suitable for corporate team building, designer work proofing and trial production, parent-child activities, wooden art lovers exchanges, and exhibitions in the exhibition area. This is a platform. Everyone can find their own space and create their style wooden products.

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