Wooden door processing

//Wooden door processing

Wooden door processing

1) Door core

The solid wood grid is the door core in the shape of a grid, and the so-called grid door core on the market is also varied. The standard grid door core is generally 40*40 squares, which is the most strong. Normally our toilet door used this door core. This door core also can be used as a simple flat-shaped door core, and the price will be relatively economical. When you choose door, you must look at the door core sample in the store. If there is no sample, you must specify what core material is used in the contract, because some merchants also call other type core as the grid door core, but the quality is vary widely.

Bridge hole dynamics panel door core: It is actually designed according to the design principle of China bridge. When the sound penetrates, it rotates and rotates in the bridge hole to make it have sound insulation effect. This core material can be used as a simple modeling door, suitable for simplicity style, European style, generally it is used for bedroom doors.

Solid wood tooth joint door core: solid wood core, which is a replacement of solid wooden doors. Some people also call it as solid wooden door. Production process: the whole solid wood block is divided into small boards, and then process to finger jointer board. This kind of wooden door avoids cracking and deformation  problem.

door core

2) Wooden door frame

The door frame is used to fix the door leaf and protect the corner of the wall. There are three main categories of solid wood composite door covers on the market: MDF door frame, multi layers solid wood composite door frame and solid wood door frame.For all woodern door frame ,you can use 4 side planer machine to process it.

MDF door frame: The advantages are good flatness and easy processing; the disadvantages are its soft quality, poor nail-holding strength and poor water resistance.

Multi-layers panel door frame: The advantages are better stability and strong nail-holding force; the disadvantages are too much glue content, environmental protection is not easy to control.

Solid wood door frame: The advantages are less glue content, health and environmental protection, the outer composite medium density board has good flatness and has strong nail-holding force.

door frame

3) Surfacing

There are two main types of exterior finishes for the paint doors of solid wood composite doors in the market: natural veneer and decorative paper.

Decorative paper finish is a kind of wood-grained ornament printed and printed by computer, the thickness is generally 0.5~1.0mm, the advantage is low price, the disadvantage is computer drawn, the texture is regularly repeated, there is no natural veneer natural texture , Low grade. bet365 casino

Natural veneer is a natural decorative material. The pattern is the pattern of high-quality wood itself. It is mainly used for the surface layer in high-level decoration. The advantages are natural texture and the disadvantages are more expensive.

multi layers solid wood composite door

 4)Wooden door Paint

There are two main types of paint for solid wood composite paint doors, PU paint and PE paint.

Chemical name of PE paint: unsaturated polyester paint, some people call it: glass steel paint, piano paint. The main agent, accelerator and initiator are blended with each other to carry out polymerization and bridging reaction and solidify. The solvent is styrene and participates in the reaction during film formation. The advantages are good construction during factory production, and the disadvantages are poor environmental performance. جريزمان بالانجليزي

PU paint: It is health and environmental protection.

wood door painting
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