Why do more and more people choose T-shaped edge doors?

//Why do more and more people choose T-shaped edge doors?

Why do more and more people choose T-shaped edge doors?

In the fast-paced, high-tech era, the development of furniture has gradually matured, and consumers have more “new” requirements for furniture products.

Among them, wooden doors, as a larger category in the home industry, also have more choices than before. In addition to the classic flat door models on the market, more and more people now choose T-shaped/T-type models. As for the two types of wooden doors, T-shaped door and flat door, how should we choose? Next, Leabon answered them one by one.


The origin of the T-shaped door

Let’s start with the history: The design of the T-door is from Germany during World War II. During the war years, people were suffering from cold winds and gunfire every day. To this end, by changing to a scientific T-shaped structure, the impact of harsh environments on life is greatly reduced.

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After the war, this type of T-shaped door with good performance in sound insulation, warmth, sealing, etc., was widely used and is still in use today. At present, 80% of millions of families in Europe have chosen T-doors. T-type doors have been popular for more than 20 years, and their advanced concepts have gradually become mainstream products for interior doors in China.


Design of T-shaped Door

It has both German-style industrial aesthetics and good sound insulation and warmth.

The T-shaped door, door leaf and door cover adopt a unique double-curve seam structure to achieve a tight fit of the door panel and door frame with zero gap. The door gap is not visible from the front, and there are no common problems with traditional flat door such as uneven door gap size. In addition to being more beautiful, the sound insulation and warmth effects are several times higher than the flat door models.


It can also be used with sealing strips to solve the problems of light transmission such as door gap light transmission, kitchen and bathroom odor, etc. It can better meet the diverse needs of today’s urban people.


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