Judge the value of cnc panel cutting machine from 5 aspects

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Today we are from a professional perspective to analysis that how to buy a best price CNC panel cutting machine.

Here are more and more CNC panel cutting machine tools for panel furniture. For enterprises that want to buy some equipments, how to judge the cost of CNC panel cutting machine is really a difficult problem.

First of all, depending on the size of the processed wood sample. The larger the processed sample, the larger the platform of the cnc panel cutting machine. The regular wood board size in the market are 1.2*2.4m, 1.3m*2.5m. If the processed wood board is large, the corresponding platform needs to be enlarged. For example, the larger size of the equipment platform is: 2*2.5m, 2.5*2.5m, etc. Therefore, the bigger the platform, the higher the cost, the more expensive the price. Generally, in the case of the same configuration of the equipment, the price of the 2025mm platform size is 5000-10,000 rmb more expensive than the 1325mm size.


The second point is depending on the number of tools in the equipment. Friends who are familiar with the equipment know that for the cnc panel cutting machine, each knife represents that the equipment has a process that can complete independent processing. For example, three knives are equivalent to three different ways of processing the sample. And four knives can be completed four different processing methods. More than one knife means more operating systems, and the more complicated the equipment, the higher price. Generally, the price of the four processes is about 10,000 RMB compared with the three processes.

The third point is depending on the operating system used by the equipment. Better systems on the market, such as the new generation system, Weihong genuine system can be. For manufacturers with higher processing requirements, you can choose a new generation system. But the price is more expensive, a system of about 30,000 or so. For general processing, you can use the system commonly used in the market, cost-effective, and the price is acceptable.

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The fourth point is the quality of the gearbox used in the equipment. The speed reducer, used to control the speed of the equipment, is very important for the lifetime of the equipment. The process of non-stop processing and different stop-starting of the equipment.If the quality of the reducer is a fatal impact on the life of the equipment. Reducer, it is recommended to use imported, the price can be slightly more expensive, but the quality can be guaranteed.

The fifth point is depending on the configuration of the spindle. The spindle controls the machining of the tool. There are many imported spindles and domestic spindles that are generally used in the market. The price of the imported is expensive, and it is more troublesome to involve after-sales service. The quality of domestic large-size spindles is also good, and the cost performance is also high. The general market price ranges from 3,000 rmb to 6,000 rmb, so the configuration of the spindle also has an impact on the price of the equipment.

In a word, judge elements the value of CNC panle cutting machine are:depending on the size of the equipment platform, the number of tools used by the equipment, the operating system used by the equipment, the quality of the equipment using the reducer and the spindle, etc. As a reference, I hope that today’s sharing can be helpful.

The engraving machine is essentially different from the cnc panel cutting machine

Although the appearance looks similar, the bed structure and technical requirements of the two devices are completely different. The cnc panle cutting machine isn’t comparable in terms of configuration or process requirements to the engraving machine. This makes the performance of the cnc panel cutting machine more stable and higher precision. And it is more suitable for high-precision, heavy-duty work such as sheet metal cutting. The average machining speed of the CNC panel cutting machine can reach 18m/min.And the cut plate has no smashing, sawtooth, wave pattern and the like. The engraving machine makes the plate opening speed slow, the precision is low. The heavy load operation for a long time seriously affects the service life of the equipment.

Some unscrupulous merchants only focuse on profits. Use the engraving machine to switch to the large spindle as a feeder to sell to customers, so many customers are cheap and deceived. When the equipment is shipped back to the factory, it will take a long time for problems such as large errors in cutting plates. Bad manufacturers like this often have no after-sales guarantee. If the equipment fails to be solved, the equipment cannot be used and becomes a pile of scrap iron.

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