What should be paid attention to in the quality of high solid wood panel?

//What should be paid attention to in the quality of high solid wood panel?

What should be paid attention to in the quality of high solid wood panel?

Foreword: In recent years, in the manufacture of solid wood furniture, large-size workpieces are often made of solid wood narrow plates and small materials to make panels, which can not only ease the supply and demand of resources, but also meet the growing market demand.

Many people like solid wood furniture very much. Because solid wood furniture is natural and generous, such as wall panels, dining tables, cabinets, wooden doors, etc. In addition to decoration and protection, the use of solid wood furniture at home can also play a role in cohesion.

Solid Wood Wall Panel

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Solid Wood Dining Table

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Solid Wood Doors

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Commonly, there is a large wood area of most solid wood furniture. In actual production, the cost of using such a large piece of wood is very high, and it is also impractical. So in most cases, the solid wood furniture we see is made of puzzle.


The solid wood panel process can effectively increase the area of the board and produce a “single board” effect. It is also the most direct way to improve the wood material, save natural resources, expand the use of wood and the design field.


Although the puzzle working process has many advantages, but there is no corresponding solid wood puzzle standard in the world. Most manufacturers still have many problems to be solved when processing. The following factors have a great influence on the puzzle process.

Ⅰ. Pay attention to the common mistake

Most enterprises and manfacturers pay more attention to the appearance of solid wood panels. But lack of inspection standards and management methods for surface warpage deformation, adhesive layer cracking, finger tenon breakage and other quality problems. This has affected the development of the solid wood panel industry.

Puzzle 9
Puzzle 10

Ⅱ.Wood Material Factor

Due to internal stresses in the wood, cracking and deformation may occur under special circumstances. In the process of solid wood paneling, the internal stress will be affected by the density, moisture content, surface roughness, splicing method, glue type, amount of glue, glue pressure, temperature and humidity in the air.

Puzzle 11
Puzzle 12

Ⅲ. Glue Technology

Gluing is a necessary part of the puzzle process. When the type of glue used does not match with the wood, it will result in low strength of the puzzle glue, which is not sticky and easy to crack. In addition, the reasonable grasp of the amount of glue is also directly related to the puzzle process.

Glue 13

When the amount of glue is too less, the board will lack glue and uneven distribution of adhesive.

Glue 14

When the amount of glue applied is too much, the adhesive layer is too thick. When the adhesive layer is cured, the volume shrinkage will generate internal stress and will destroy the cohesive force of the adhesive, reducing the overall bonding strength.



Gluing pressure is also one of the important influencing factors. Pressing is conducive to the full penetration of the glue liquid, so that the glue liquid and wood active molecules combine to form a uniform glue film. However, the unsuitable pressure can easily cause the glue to squeeze out, resulting in the phenomenon of lack of glue and penetration of glue. At the same time, the greater pressure will cause the material to deform seriously and form greater stress.

It can be seen that there are many factors that affect the puzzle process. Enterprises wanting to make stable and qualified puzzles can improve from the following two general directions.

Standard puzzle process standard

The process of standardizing the jigsaw puzzle involves many aspects, including wood control, moisture content control, glue application, reasonable glue pressure, etc. Only when each item is standardized can the final product quality standards be reached.

1. Timber control

Solid wood paneling needs to reduce the internal stress of the wood, so it is necessary to use the same tree species or wood with a difference in air-dry density of no more than 0.2g / cm3. Try to avoid wood with a large difference in density and shrinkage. When splicing, the chord and radial textures of adjacent narrow slats should be properly matched to avoid excessive chords.

2.Moisture content control

Before the solid wood narrow board is assembled, the final moisture content of the product should be controlled according to the moisture content of the place where the product is used. Generally, when the wood moisture content is controlled at 5% -10%, the bonding strength is the highest. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the difference in moisture content of adjacent narrow strips should not be too large, controlled within 2%, can effectively reduce the dry shrinkage stress of wood.

3. Master the amount of glue

During the curing of the adhesive, the greater the amount of glue, the more obvious the internal stress. In general, the amount of single-sided glue can be controlled within 180-300g / m2, and the double-sided glue can be controlled within 140-220g / m2 on each side.

4. Reasonable glue pressure

The bonding pressure of hard wood should be controlled at about 10-15kg / cm2, and the bonding pressure of soft wood should be controlled at about 5-10kg / cm2. At the same time, in order to prevent the solid wood narrow board from lifting or bulging when gluing, a pressure of 0.1-0.2 MPa is often applied on the side in the gluing direction.

To sum up, enterprises should establish perfect production lines.

The complete solid wood panel production line includes perfect panel equipment, the use of group technology, and information management. According to the production plan, reasonable allocation of resources according to the plan is the basis for ensuring efficient production of the enterprise.
1. Improve the puzzle equipment
Nowadays, the use of intelligent high-frequency splicing machine is an effective way to improve the splicing equipment. The high-frequency splicing machine can produce 5-10% higher than the ordinary splicing machine. It can be cured.
High-frequency puzzle can make the whole puzzle process more stable and smooth. Moreover, when the equipment is used, it can be found that the material with high water content in the spliced ​​material has more reliable product quality after splicing, and at the same time, high temperature and high pressure can also sterilize and remove insects.
2. Use group technology
Flexible group technology is an important means to ensure that companies can respond to personalized orders and produce a variety of puzzle products. In the customized production mode, high-quality products, lower production costs, meeting customers’ individual needs, and shorter delivery times have become the core content of enterprise competition.
3. Information management
Information management system is the guarantee for efficient production and management. The information management system divides enterprise order production into several modules, mainly including the management of order modules, raw material modules, production modules, warehouse modules, etc.

The puzzle process is only one of the many processes for wood products processing, and formulating and perfecting the puzzle process and operation standards is conducive to the efficient processing and production of enterprises.

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