Vacuum Membrane Press Machine2018-12-03T17:32:07+08:00
vacuum press machine

Vacuum membrane press machine is used to laminate PVC, veneer onto flat or abnormal shaped melamine/MDF/plywood board, it absorb the space between film and panel into vacuum and then heat both boards and film to finish laminating work.

For veneer and high glossy material laminating, TM2280C and TM2680F are recommended. For other ordinary material such as PVC, you can choose our other models as per your working size and capacity. Here we strongly recommend our patented model TM-2480D2,  it fixes with many of our own special systems such as double direction heating, auto pvc cutting etc.

In case you need to laminate pvc or veneer onto only flat surface board, you can choose Leabon hot or cold press machine.