CNC Band Saw, Horizontal Band Saw and Frame Saw for Timber Saw Cutting2022-05-06T03:36:08+08:00

Timber and wood saws are used to cut square timber or wood into wood slips, with automatic PLC control system, they can cut wood effectively and safely.

Our wood saws including mainly 3 types:
CNC curve band saw: computer control, used to cut wood into curved figure lines wood such as chair leg, bed leg etc. automatically.
Horizontal Band Saw: effectively cut square wood into thin panel with high precision, widely used in all solid wood furniture factory, as well as solid wood panel laminating factory, wood flooring factory etc. كيف تحصل على المال
Frame Saw: The saw knerf less to 0.9mm and can save much wood material when cutting. طريقة لعب الباصرة Good for expensive wood flooring, pallet cutting work.

After cutting, you might also need our four side planer machine to plan it, wood sander machine to sand it.