Precision Sliding Table Saw2022-05-09T05:47:01+08:00
sliding table saw

High precision sliding table saw, also called as precision panel cutting saw, can be used for longitudinal cutting and cross-cutting of various kinds of wood-based panels. such as veneer particle board, fiberboard, plywood and solid wood board, plastic board, aluminum alloy, etc. It is widely used in wood processing industry such as panel furniture industry and vehicle and ship manufacturing. entropay

From the working table size, it’s divided into 3 length, 2. فيلم سيارات سباق 8, 3m and 3.2m, customized 3.8m is also acceptable. As for the saw blade tilt, it can be divided into 45 degrees cutting and only 90 degrees cutting.  The saw blade lifting way by manual or electric is also classified into two types.

For MDF, plywood or particle board furniture production, you also need edge bander machine and multi boring machine to work together.