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Project Description

SR-R-RP1000-1300 thickness sander machine

3 Drums Woodworking Thickness Sander Machine SR-R-RP1300

It’s a heavy duty sander with 3 drums and Belt Grinding function, thus it’s ideal for sanding and polishing high surface requirement wood. As well It’s also good for hard solid wood, fine wood, plywood etc.material panels, doors, furniture big thickness sanding and polishing sanding work.

Sander machine is used for the thickness even and precise sanding work for MDF, plywood and particle board etc. Our sanding structure use drum style, so it’s small deformation with good vibration reduce affection. Even more, the shortest wood length above 400mm is workable, as well as 1300mm width.

FOB Foshan, China For Sale Price:
US$ 12800-14600/Set

Sanding Machine Shortest Working Length≤400mm
Processing Thickness2.5~100mm
First sand frame motor power37kw(45)
Second sand frame motor power30kw(37)
Third sand frame motor power22kw
Transmission motor power4kw
Lift motor power0.37kw
Dusting Brush Motor Power0.37kw
Belt Size2200x1330mm
Working pressure0.4~0.6Mpa
The first line speed of sand22m/s
The second line speed of sand?22m/s
The third lind speed18m/s
Vacuum air volume15000?/h

For all Leabon machines including thickness sander machine, we give 1 year free warranty to customers.

You are welcome to arrange your workers to come to our factory to learn about the machine installation, operation and maintenance, that’s all free for you! We can also arrange engineer to come to your site for installation, operation and maintenance against your request and cost responsibility.

Within 1 year, if any problem from the machine itself, we can offer you free replacements against your video and photo proof. In contrast to others need your returning back of the problem parts, save your time, save your cost!

Above all, buy and use Leabon machinery with worry free!

Product Detail

SR-R-RP1000-1300 thickness sander machine
Schneider Electrical Parts of wood sanding machine

Branded Electrical Parts

The electrical parts use Schneider Brand or SIEMENS Brand.

Durable Spindle of wood sander

Durable Spindle

Main spindle of the equipment use Japan NSK and Sino-Japan manufactured TR bearing.

Sander Heavy Duty 3 drums Stucture

Heavy Duty 3 Rollers Structure

Special designed 3 rollers structure good for hard wood and high thickness difference panel.

Sander Anti-kickback System

Anti-kickback System

Own anti-kickback system can effectively prevent the risk of feeding panel kicked back to hurt worker

Woodworking Thickness Sander Machine SR-R-RP1300 Features

1. Work piece thickness displayed by micro-computer button type thickness dis-player, precise and durable.
2. Sanding paper swing controlled by air power, swing is smooth and even.
3. Front and back double emergency knob, can control the machine to urgently stop within 3-5 Seconds.

4. Faults Display fitted (sanding paper right and left deviation, inadequate air pressure, emergency knob, and over thickness work piece). It’s easy to judge basic equipment trouble. Faults emergency stop adopts automatically descend protection facility, thus the panel surface won’t be damaged from emergency stop.
5. Use branded conveyor, grinding duration is 3-5 times as ordinary conveyor.
6. Conveyor fit with automatic centering facility.

7. Conveyor speed adjusted by frequency controller, easy adjusting. It can be adjusted as per the work piece in processing to improve sanding quality.
8. Sanding paper swing controlled by Omran photoelectric.
9. 1st group sanding roller use 240mm diameter eccentric steel thickness roller, high smoothness, heavy sanding quantity; 2nd group roller use 210mm diameter, 70 shore hardness thickness roller and fit with ex-tractable polishing pad.

10. Conveyor use T shape screw pole craft, high precision.
11. Main motor automatically star triangle(Less pressure) start.
12. Main spindle of the equipment use Japan NSK and Sino-Japan manufactured TR bearing.

13. The electrical parts use Schneider Brand .
14. Conveyor use marble material, its shape won’t be changed because of temperature. Precision and grinding duration is higher than steel conveyor.

Our Certification

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