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Project Description

Sliding Table panel Saw MJQ6128DA

Precision Sliding Table Panel Saw Machine MJQ6128D From China Manufacture

Sliding table Panel Saw machine is a sliding table type, and it is easy to use and economical type cutting machinery, it’s good to cut MDF, plywood and thin wood etc. panels with precision positioning and fast cutting.

MJQ6132D is for cutting MDF length 2800mm, and it can tilting 45-90 degree and saw blade lifting by manual. It use stable short main spindle structure to insure the precision duration for long time running. It’s made here in China by our own professional sliding table panel saw manufacture.

FOB Reference Price:
US$ 3340-3680/Set

Sliding worktable max.distance3000mm
Max. sawing length2800mm
Max.sawing thickness80mm
Max.saw blade dimension(mm)305*30mm
Groov saw blade dimension120*20mm
Main saw arbor rotary speed4000,5000r/min
Groov saw arbor rotary speed9000r/min
Main saw motor power5.5kw
Groove saw motor power1.1kw
Dust outlet diameter100mm(4")
Overall dimension2970*3080*1150mm
Weight of machine900kg



For all Leabon machines including sliding table panel saw machine, we give 1 year free warranty to customers.

You are welcome to arrange your workers to come to our factory to learn about the machine installation, operation and maintenance, that’s all free for you! We can also arrange engineer to come to your site for installation, operation and maintenance against your request and cost responsibility.

Within 1 year, if any problem from the machine itself, we can offer you free replacements against your video and photo proof. Not like others need your returning back of the problem parts. Save your time, save your cost!

Buy and use Leabon machinery with worry free!

Product Detail

MJQ6128D sliding table panel saw

MJQ6128D Sliding Table Panel Saw For Sale Main Features

1. All our sliding table saw use heavy duty round tracks, it guarantees the table shape not changed after long time work.
2. Special own technology, guaranteed the cutting angle precision.
3. All our products new and high quality metal, our saw weight is much more than other same model. It’s important to avoid vibration for processing.
4. Fixed 380V motor for both main saw and scoring saw, no need voltage change, motor is not easy broken.
5. Our electric display for the tilt degrees is 100% accurate, which can’t be achieved by most China panel saw manufactures.
6. Our newest model cutting tolerance is less than 0.05mm, other factories can guarantee max. 0.12mm tolerance range.
7. From 2.2m to 3.8m long, from 375mm to 435mm width, with and without protection cover, both long and short spindle, we manufacture wide range and quality panel saws!

Precision Saw Tilt

Use special high precision tilt control system, the tilt angle only range from 0-45°, can achieve exactly your requested cutting angles


Heavy Duty Track

With 380mm width, high precision aluminium alloy frame with cellular cavity dual-rail high-chromium steel structure design

sliding table
Table Saw

Heavy and Stable Worktable

There’s no any faults on our worktable, because it’s fine selected from 20 years cooperating suppliers. Our machine body thickness, structure design and weight is much more than competitors’ products without any concrete inside!

Main Features

Name: Bliwing Cylinder
Brand: FESTO
Original: Germany
Domestic famous engines, strong driving force, low fuel consumption, high economic benefits 12F+4R sliding sleeve shift.

Sliding table saw

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