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Project Description

roller edge banding machine return line

Roller Return Line For Edge Banding Machine

Roller return line for edge banding machine  is high automatic production equipment, works with edge banding machine can increase working efficiency by 100%.

This is U type return line, it is more suitable for big size panel banding and return. And it is also can work with sanding machine .

1.Highly automatic production equipment

2.Reduce the labor cost, save time to improve the working efficiency, reduce production cost.

3.Improve factory automatic production, reduce management cost.

FOB Foshan, China For Sale Price:
US$ 16000-20000/Set

Table size2400*700mm
Max.load capacity1000kg
Max.lifting height1380mm
Hydraulic pump power0.75kw
Oil cylinder diameterφ800*1pcs
Roller diameter50*17pcs

For all Leabon machines including curved line edge bander machine, we give 1 year free warranty to customers.

You are welcome to arrange your workers to come to our factory to learn about the machine installation, operation and maintenance, that’s all free for you! We can also arrange engineer to come to your site for installation, operation and maintenance against your request and cost responsibility.

Within 1 year, if any problem from the machine itself, we can offer you free replacements against your video and photo proof. In contrast to others need your returning back of the problem parts, save your time, save your cost!

Above all, buy and use Leabon machinery with worry free!

Product Detail

roller edge banding machine return line

Roller return line for edge banding machine return main advantage

  1. Main beam use aluminum,it is more stable and durable.
  2. The roller thickness is more thick to make sure the load weight is enough for big size board. And the rubber surface of roller is optional.
  3. We choose the famous brand for the main part to ensure the products quality.
  4. We provide OEM service, and can do all the return line for all edge banding machine. No matter your machines are bought from China or bought from other countries, we can do customization return line for you according to your edge banding machine and your working pieces size.

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