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Project Description

China industrial cold press machine for wood and plywood MH3248X50T

50 Tons China Industrial Cold Press Machine for Wood and Plywood (MH3248*50T)

50 Tons industrial cold press machine is used to press furniture plate, wooden door, as well as furniture, leveling. On the other hand, it’s also suitable for tracking the bonding and pre-forming of flat wood products.

It has good pressing quality, high speed and high efficiency. Therefore widely used in furniture manufacturing and sheet metal production industry. Decorative boards as well as Insulation composite board can also be applied.

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FOB Foshan, China Reference Price:
US$ 2600-3100/Set

Technical Parameters/Model No.MH3248X50T
Hydraulic motor power5.5kw
Platen Size2500x1250mm
Overall diamensions2950x1250x3000mm
Max.Platen opening1000/1300/1500mm (Optional)


For all Leabon machines such as industrial cold press machine for wood, 1 year warranty is given.

You are welcome to arrange your workers to come to our factory to learn about the machine installation, operation and maintenance, that’s all free for you! We can also arrange engineer to come to your site for installation, operation and maintenance against your request and cost responsibility.

Within 1 year, if any problem from the machine itself, we can offer you free replacements against your video and photo proof. Not like others need your returning back of the problem parts. Save your time, save your cost!

Buy and use Leabon machinery with worry free!

Product Detail

50 Tons Industrial Cold Press Machine Main Features:

1. Most electrical components use Schneider, main parts have CE approval, furthermore, the complete machine also approved by CE.

2. Our machine’s Steel plate are based on the pressure’s requires, to achieve our commitment pressure, thus insured the quality.

3. The upper and lower steel frames made by the gantry milling finishing, as a result to ensure absolute formation.

4. Fix with automatic control circuit and pressure cut-off protection, automatic lifting, also automatic oil off.

5. Fast and efficient pressing, emergency safety braking, trip limited device.

6. We use Hydraulic pressing system instead of Pneumatic pressing system, hence the lifting is fast and stable, pressure is uniform and efficiency is high.

Our Certifications

Leabon woodworking machine certificates

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