HJD-ML9321 Double Sided Planer Saw Machine2020-04-07T17:24:03+08:00

Project Description

This model can cut a square beam into multiple pre-adjusted specifications at a time, with a high level of automation. Because the thickness of the saw blade used is 1.5-1.7 mm, compared with the thickness of 2.5-3.0 mm for the general saw blade, the sawing saw path loss is reduced by 46% compared with other saw machines, but the output rate is as high as 76% to 80 % The wood utilization rate is increased by about 27 %% compared with other types of sawing machines, and the sawing process is stable. The thickness of the sawn plate is equal to the thickness, the surface is smooth and uniform, and the flatness is high. It can also reduce a semi-finishing process of the wood surface. Because the total power of the motor is smaller at the same time. The power consumption of the equipment should be reduced by 25% to 40%

Model Number HJD-ML9321HJD-ML9325
Max. working width210mm250mm
Max. working thickness75mm75mm
Feeding speed (Frequency control)10-35m/min10-35m/min
Min. sawing length480mm480mm
Upper planer horizontal axis diameterΦ40mmΦ40mm
Upper horizontal sxis motor power7.5kw11kw
Upper horizontal shaft speed6000r/min6000r/min
Horizontal movement of the upper and lower horizontal axis20mm20mm
Lower planer horizontal axis diameterΦ40mmΦ40mm
Lower horizontal axis motor power5.5kw7.5kw
Lower horizontal axis speed6000r/min6000r/min
Saw shaft diameterΦ50mmΦ50mm
Saw shaft speed4000r/min4000r/min
Saw shaft motor power22kw22kw
Saw shaft lifting motor power0.75kw0.75kw
Max. blade diameterΦ300mmΦ300mm
Feed motor power4kw4kw
Bed cover lifting motor power0.75kw0.75kw
Total power40.5kw46kw
Aire pressure0.6Mpa0.6Mpa

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Product Detail



1.The machine bed is cast from high grade cast iron to ensure the stability of the machine;

2.This adopts step-less material feeding, material feeding speed ranges from 5-24 m/min;

3.Each main shaft is driven by independent electric motor, cutting force is powerful;

4.Main shaft is adjusted to focus on the front, operation is convenient;

5.Hard chrome plating work table is durable;

6.Multi-group drive rollers improve feeding efficiency;

7.International brands electrical parts are applied for good stability;

8.Spare parts are thick and solid to maintain high precision, high stability and high reliability;

9.Pneumatic compressed feeding roller is applied, the pressing force can be adjusted by stages, which is favorable for smooth feeding of timbers with different thickness;

10.Completely sealed safety cover can avoid flying of saw dust and isolate noise efficiently and protect operators.

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