HJD-MJ153A Single Rip Saw Machine2020-04-07T16:29:47+08:00

Project Description

HJD-MJ-153A automatic monolithic single-rip saw machine produced is a product designed and developed on cuurent market demand, drawing on the advantages of similar products from famous domestic and foreign brands, and combining our factory production experience. Its main use is for high-precision wood processing such as solid wood cutting, puzzle, jointing, trimming, and sawing instead of planing.

Reference Price:
US$ 3150-7800/Set

Model Number HJD-MJ163AHJD-MJ164AHJD-MJ153A
Saw blade diameterMin 305mm(12")~
Max 355mm(14“)
Min 355mm(14")~
Max 455mm(18“)
Max. working thickness90mm110mm85mm
Cutting width500mm660mm360mm
Spinlde rotation speed3000r/min3000r/min3000r/min
Spindle diameterΦ50.8mmΦ50.8mmΦ25.4mm
Feeding speed (Frequency control)10~30m/min10~30m/min10~30m/min
Feeding motor power1.5kw0.75kw0.75kw
Mian motor power7.5kw11kw7.5kw
Saw shaft lifting motor power0.37kw0.37kw
Total power9.25kw13.87kw8.25kw
Working table size1800x985mm2000x1160mm890x1380mm
Net weight1450kg1740kg1150kg

For all Leabon machines, we give 1 year free warranty to customers.

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Within 1 year, if any problem from the machine itself, we can offer you free replacements against your video and photo proof. Not like others need your returning back of the problem parts. Save your time, save your cost!

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Product Detail


1.This adopts step-less material feeding, material feeding speed ranges from 5-24m/min;

2.Each main shaft is driven by independent electric motor, cutting force is powerful;

3.Main shaft is adjusted to focus on the front, operation is convenient;

4.Multi-group drive rollers improve feeding efficiency, international brands electrical parts are applied for good stability;

5.Spare parts are thick and solid to maintain high precision, high stability and high reliability;

6. Penumatic compressed feeding roller is applied, the pressing force can be adjusted by stages which is favorable for smooth feeding of timbers with different thickness;

7.Completely sealed safety shield can avoid flying of saw dust and isolate noise efficiently and protect operators.

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