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Project Description



Heavy profile 1300mm sanding machine SDG13-PPLLLL with super heavy duty brush sanding groups in 1300mm width, applicable to all kinds of  special-shaped workpiece plane and paint sanding.  All directions of the implementation of the production of sand light puzzle solution. Modular design of sand and light components and diversified technology. Improve sanding efficiency 3-10 times less then 70% labor.

FOB Reference Price:
US$ 31600-36000/Set

Model Name SDG13-PPLLLL
Working width20 ~ 1300 mm
Minimum length of workpiece450 mm
Workpiece thickness5 ~ 150 mm
Feeding power2.2kw
Feeding speed1 ~ 18 m/min
Rotating disc sand2Groups 11×Φ180mm
Spiral sand roller4Groups Φ380×1300mm
Dust collectorΦ125×8pcs
Total power13.28KW/380V 50HZ
Overall dimension(LxWxH)4860×2170×2000mm
Net weight4800kg

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Product Detail

Heavy-profile-sanding-machine-structureMechanical configuration diagram of SDG10-PPLLLL

Equipment configuration can be customized according to customer’s product and process requirement.

sketch map of functional combnination

Profile sanding machine Features

1) The equipment adopts the heavy Integral frame structure to ensure the running stability of the equipment and sanding precision.

2) This machine is controlled by Schneider PLC, the transmission and the independent variable frequency speed regulation and independent lifting control of each group. Touch screen man-machine operation interface.

3) the work table does not move, the working group independent lifting, that is floating structure, can be used to connect the production line.

4)The pressure roller and the working group are separately regulated, and the plate with a deep groove can be sanded.

5) All of the Disc sanding parts are made of aluminum alloy, which can not be deformed; the sanding parts can be pulled out, and the abrasive is easy to be replaced.

6)Sanding components using the general modular production, according to the different requirements of customer products, custom equipment parts layout to achieve the best sanding effect.

7)Memory storage function, can store a variety of different workpiece sanding process, parameter adjustment,

Detailed Image

Machine body frame of SDG10-PPLLLL

Strong machine body

High strength structural body, Ensure machine work stable.

PP Brush head of SDG10-PPLLLL

Patent Technology

Sand plate design

Electric-parts-1-of sanding machine SDG13-PPLLLL

Program Memory System

PLC system control, touch screen man-machine interface, with the program memory function.

Machine brush heads combination of SDG10-PPLLLL

Sanding Components

Customized equipment parts to achieve the best effect of sanding process arrangement.

Whole components can be pushed out

It’s easy to replace the abrasive.

Work interface of SDG10-PPLLLL

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