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Project Description

woodworking cutting and router machine k5

K5 cnc panel cutting machine with 4 axis

K5 automatic tool function cutting and router cnc 4 axis machine is a comprehensive automation, intelligence, information equipment,and it can use to drilling, slotting, Cutting circular arc, cutting on MDF panel for cabinet, wardroble etc. furniture processing.

FOB Reference Price:
US$ 20000-21800/Set

working stroke:1300*2500*200mm
Spindle power:4.5kw
System resolution:0.00625mm
Repeatability positing accuracy:0.05/300mm
Maximum spindle speed:6000-24000rpm
Maximum engraving speed:15000mm/min
power waste:11kw
Rated voltage:380v/50HZ
Driving system:BUJIN(Optional)

For all Leabon machines, we give 1 year free warranty to customers.

You are welcome to arrange your workers to come to our factory to learn about the machine installation, operation and maintenance, that’s all free for you! We can also arrange engineer to come to your site for installation, operation and maintenance against your request and cost responsibility.

Within 1 year, if any problem from the machine itself, we can offer you free replacements against your video and photo proof. Not like others need your returning back of the problem parts. Save your time, save your cost!

Buy and use Leabon machinery with worry free!

Product Detail

cutting machine 3.0 guide railfour head rotation

With automatic tool changing function, save worker operation time

k5 Cutting and Router Machine Features

1.The frame after fire treatment, increase its hardness and avoid to deformation

2. Individual machine with WEIHONG system shall be adopted for convenient and safety operation

3. Adopt the 6kw lincs motor with high and sufficient  power.

4. Taiwan PMI guide rail 3.0 has high precision and good antirust function throught by Automatic pump oil systemm

5. .The machine is capable of automatic hight adjustment to maintain constant focal length and stable cutting quality. 

6. Vacuum adsorption of water tank can increase the adsorption strength, cutting panner stablely, It’s important to avoid vibration for processing.

7.Equipped with professional cabinet door software, software with hundreds of kinds of portrait material, not need to draw, just enter the customer’s custom size and quantity, software automatically optimize typesetting, generate processing procedures,is so easy to use and less error rate.

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