Hot Press Machine and Cold Press Machine2019-11-09T09:58:19+08:00

Woodworking press machine is suitable for the door and panel processing plant. Press machine can laminate decorative material onto furniture panel, building partition, wooden door etc.,  and  onto man-made board, such as MDF and plywood.

Hot press machine is more effectively, it can laminate one to five boards(1-5 layers) within 2-5 minutes, the most popular model is 120Tons 3 Layers . While cold press machine is more economical but takes 3-4 hours to finish one processing, most widely used model is MH3248x50T, you can choose appropriate press machine according to your budget and production quantity.

For veneer and pvc laminating on curved or abnormal shaped surface panel, you can check our vacuum membrane press machine. To spread glue on board effectively, you can use our glue spreader machine. The panel cutting job after laminating can be done by our sliding table saw machine.