Frame saw machine from China

//Frame saw machine from China

Frame saw machine from China

Frame saw machine from China

Frame saw machine is multiple rip saw blades machine for vertical cutting log and square timber. The multiple saw blades are tensioned on the saw frame, and the crank frame (or crankshaft) connecting rod mechanism drives the saw frame to reciprocate up and down or left and right. Frame saws first appeared in Europe. Because of the simple production process, easy operation, and continuous and automated production, they are widely used, especially in Sweden, Finland, and Norway in Northern Europe. ivermectin for humans scabies It occupies a considerable proportion. In the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Poland and the Czech Republic and other countries, frame sawing machines have been the main equipment of the timber industry. After the 1970s, Sweden, Finland and other countries have carried out a series of technical transformations on traditional frame saw machines, such as increasing the spindle speed, increasing the feed speed, increasing the stroke of the saw frame, using hydraulic saw blade tensioning and stepless speed change, to improve Technical measures such as the degree of automation of the frame saw and its auxiliary operations have greatly improved the processing accuracy, production efficiency and finished product yield of the frame saw.

Recent 10 years, China frame saw machines are developed, and quality and stability are improved day and day. Its price are more reasonable compared than Europe machine.

Compared with band saws and circular saws, frame saw has the following advantages:

1) Within cutting size, multiple saw blades can be installed according to finished cutting thickness, and different thickness timbers can be cut at a time;

2) saw blades tension state is very good, high precision of sawn timber and good surface quality;

3) Because it avoids multiple positioning, clamping, lateral feed and other operating procedures, shortens the auxiliary time, no empty stroke, so the production efficiency is high;

4) The frame saw machine has many advantages, such as low labor intensity, good safety performance, and low technical requirements for the operator;

5) The production process is simple, the working area is small, and the investment cost is saved.

Frame saw machine
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