Common Sense about Computer Panel Saw

//Common Sense about Computer Panel Saw

Common Sense about Computer Panel Saw

CNC Panel Saw Introduction

Nowadays, the rapid development of China’s furniture industry, CNC panel saws have been widely used in domestic furniture manufacturing enterprises in recent years. Many companies regard CNC cutting saws and CNC router as the same kind of equipment. In fact, the difference is very large.

1.Different Functions

The CNC panel saw has a very high utilization rate for the processed sheet. The CNC panel saw can automatically calculate the size of the material required for the product according to the order, and then optimize the combination of the blanking software, and finally transfer the final data to the control system for production.

     2. High system efficiency

The cutting precision of the CNC panel saw is relatively high and safe, and the worker’s operation is simple.

     3. Structural differences

The CNC panel saw is controlled by a microcomputer, and the computer system completes the splitting and counting functions, and the panel saw completes the feeding and cutting work.

CNC panel saw


1. High cutting accuracy: the right angle error of the circular guide rail is ±0.1mm. If the imported square linear guide is used, the error is as low as ±0.02mm.

2. Cylinder pressure beam is pressed (multiple plates can be overlapped and cut together), the thickness can be cut by 70mm, and the saw seat automatically advances and retreats. The efficiency is very high and very accurate.

3. The operation is simple and easy to understand: no need to use skilled workers, one will teach, can save the cost of the master.

4. Low loss: The saw runs on the linear guide rail, and the board size is not damaged due to human factors (pushing and pushing light), which reduces the loss.

5. Safety: Infrared scanning, there is foreign matter within 10CM from the saw blade, and the saw blade automatically sinks to prevent accidents;

6. High efficiency: A reciprocating panel saw is the number of work for three sliding table saw.

7. The processed plate has high precision without punching, high work efficiency and low noise.

8. The quality of the edge is free of burrs, no burning edge, high linear precision and accurate diagonal.

9. Simple operation, automatic replacement from vertical to horizontal feeding, easy to adjust.

10. From manual feeding to automatic sawing, automatic edge striping, automatic stacking can complete processing requirements at one time, reduce intermediate links, save life and high work efficiency.

The use of CNC panel saw: It is suitable for the sawing section of plywood, multi-layer board, blockboard, MDF and particle board. Its main features are high speed, smooth operation, large production capacity and smooth end surface.

The CNC computer panel saw has five characteristics: precision, high efficiency, energy saving, labor saving and environmental protection.

Computer panel saw adopts numerical control intelligent design. The saw blade can automatically adjust the speed according to the sawing condition, and will not stop the saw blade, and realize the automation of stacking and trimming. The operation is safe and convenient, the operation is stable, and the noise is low; The quality of the saw cut is high, the end face of the plate is smooth, the edge is not edged, and the material size is standard; the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the comprehensive benefits are considerable.

precise CNC panel saw cutting

Saw Blade Installtion

1: The equipment needs to be in good condition before installation, the main shaft has no deformation, no jump, and it is fixed firmly after installation, without vibration.

2: Check the saw blade for damage, whether the tooth shape is complete, whether the saw plate is smooth and clean, and whether there are other abnormalities to ensure safe use.

3: When assembling, make sure that the direction of the arrow of the saw blade is the same as the direction of rotation of the device spindle, so that the blade can be handled lightly.

4: When installing the saw blade, keep the shaft center, the chuck and the flange clean. The inner diameter of the flange is the same as the inner diameter of the saw blade. Make sure that the flange is tightly combined with the saw blade, install the positioning pin and tighten the nut. The flange should be of appropriate size and the outer diameter should be no less than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade.

5: Before the CNC panel saw is started, ensure that there is a single person operating equipment, jogging and idling, checking whether the equipment is turning correctly, whether there is vibration, and the saw blade is idling for a few minutes without slipping, swinging or It works normally after beating.

Operating Details

1 During operation, employees must not put their hands into the pressure beam, and can not open the back cover of the machine head to avoid accidents. Replace the electronic cutting saw blade to adjust the machine or turn off the power before maintenance.

2 Check whether the saw blade is sharp before processing, and prevent the board from cracking due to the sharpness of the saw blade.

3 Before starting the computer panel saw, carefully check whether the machine head and tool holder are at the machine origin.

4 When operating, the computer panel saw fan must be opened first. When sliding, gently push the plate into the tool holder, and the tool holder is at right angles to the plate. When inputting the size, carefully place enough margin to ensure that the sawed plate is at right angles. .

5 The power supply, ie the machine’s main switch, must be turned off when disconnecting the computer panel saw, when replacing the saw blade, before adjusting the machine or after maintenance.


Computer panel saw must use vacuum dust outlet equipment.

The parts of each component, such as the connecting parts, the production parts, the work surface, the rail surface and the inside of the equipment, when the production volume is relatively large, it is necessary to clean the corresponding parts of the parts.

After the work, you need to apply oil parts: work surface, guide rail and processing surface.

Refueling parts after work: motor rotation shaft, scribe blade lifting shaft, screw rod, silk nut and the relative rotation and sliding joint.
Pay special attention to cleaning and filling mechanical lubricants on the guide rails of the mobile workbench.

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