The advantage of CNC panel saw machine compared with manual panel saw machine

//The advantage of CNC panel saw machine compared with manual panel saw machine

The advantage of CNC panel saw machine compared with manual panel saw machine

Panel saw machine is used to cut material ,such as plywood, MDF ,chipboard ,veneer, and so on , it is necessary equipment in woodworking. Now panel saws are categorized by their method of operation—manual control or computer numerical control (CNC). 365 سبورت In the past, Manual panel cutting saw was very popular and widely used, but now computer-controlled machinery is more and more popular, because computer panel saw is more safe and higher effect efficiency in mass  production ,and also it is higher precision and higher speed in cutting material. Many customers advised that CNC panel saw machine was preferred machine for them.

Compared with manual panel saw, the main advantages of CNC panel saw as following:

1.High precision and high speed

As the living standard improved ,people’s requirements are higher and higher, it requires the manufacturers to produce high quality furniture ,so furniture manufacturers need more advanced machinery in production, the manual labor cant meet the requirements now.

CNC panel saw machine with very high precision and high speed in cutting function, it makes cutting profile more smooth and perfect, it makes sure the edge banding effects and laminate foil or film effects better.

The high speed function makes CNC panel saw machine is high efficiency, compared with manual saw ,it equals to working capacity of about 10 sets manual sliding table saw machine.It makes CNC panel saw more economic and save labor cost.


Compared with manual panel saw machine, CNC panel saw machine is more safe. Manual panel saw is dangerous for worker in operation, it is easy to hurt workers’ finger or hand during daily work, but CNC panel saw machine is safe, it is CNC controlled and frequency speed controlled, no need manual to slide the material one time by one time. افضل ارقام الروليت One Japanese told us that why we select CNC panel saw machine to cut material ,the most important reason is that CNC machine is safe for operating. In Japan, the protection is  important, if your workers are hurt in production ,Japanese government will regards it as a very serious accident,you will be serious punishment and large fines, so safe is very important for them ,same as many European countries.

3.Widely used

CNC panel saw is used to cut many kinds of material, not only same as manual panel saw machine cuts plywood ,MDF ,chipboard etc. wood material ,but also MMPA,  Aluminum, Plastic ,PS board and PC board. Recently, more and  more material are used on furniture as raw material or decoration ,manual panel saw machine’s cutting ability is limited, so CNC panel saw is suitable for you.

CNC panel saws offer the same benefits as other types of CNC machinery. For companies that produce a high volume of panels, the most important benefits are excellent repeatability across large production runs , when the saw has a large table, the ability to produce panels at a high rate of speed. ون كارد If you are choosing between a manual panel saw and a CNC model, you should also consider the other benefits of CNC machinery:

  • Removes the operator from the vicinity of the cutting mechanism
    • Eliminates waste pieces that result from human error
    • Requires less training time than manual machinery
    • Has a higher resale value than manual machinery
    • A single operator can potentially manage two or more machines at once

These benefits can provide a positive financial impact that mitigates the cost of CNC equipment. Before you conclude that a CNC machine is too costly, consider the financial impact of eliminating human error from the cutting process and reducing on-the-job saw injuries.

In woodworking industrial ,CNC machinery is trend in the near future in global market. Not only CNC panel saw machine, but also CNC drilling machine, CNC router, CNC engraving machine  and so on.

Finally ,if you want to learn more about the CNC panel saw machine working.please click the below Youtube website link to watch the veideo.

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