CNC Log Cutting Carriages2018-12-03T23:34:59+08:00
cnc log saw

CNC Log Carriages is used to carry logs to cut by band saw with requested size, it’s full automatically and controlled by computer system. Generally it include feeder, CNC front and back carriage system and log band saw.

Based on the cutting diameter and length, our products are classified to heavy and light duties models. Such as SLJ-50-300, means it can cut max. 50cm diameter and length 300cm logs. Also the automatic turn over system is optional to turn the log into other side during cutting process. Your customized sizes are also welcome!

After log cut into slips, you also need our frame saw or horizontal band saw to cut the square wood into different sizes, then plan it with our wood planer machine and smooth the surface with woodworking sanding machine.