Bending wood furniture production technology in China

//Bending wood furniture production technology in China

Bending wood furniture production technology in China

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Bending wood furniture Characteristics

  1. The shape is soft and dynamic: the gluing and bending technology makes the furniture beautiful, and the form of the furniture is more dynamic and soft.
  2. Practical function, more comfortable: The form of furniture is more ergonomic, and people are more comfortable to use.
  3. Rich modeling and structural technology: The simple structure and technology are very suitable for mass production. Bending wood furniture has obvious advantages. In furniture production, we only can improve production and manufacturing efficient by thoroughly understanding the key processes of gluing and bending.

Analysis and interpretation of the process of gluing and bending for bending wood furniture

1.Veneer process

The thickness of the veneer must be uniform and the surface is smooth and clean. Before the rotary cutting or slicing/planning sawing, the wood segments can be cooked and softened. The thickness of the veneer should be determined according to the shape, size, bending radius and bending direction of the components. Generally speaking, the thickness specification is 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm, and the thickness error is less than ±0.05 mm.

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Veneer gluing is usually done by mechanical roller coating. The amount of gluing depends on the type of rubber, tree species and the thickness of the veneer. It is generally 150~220 g/㎡ (single side).

3.Sticking veneer

Sticking veneer need to be reasonably configured with the number and direction of the veneer. The multi-layer veneers are generally stacked along the longitudinal direction. For curved wooden parts with simple shapes and large widths, the multi-layer veneers can also use cross-grain. Vertical cross stacking, generally 5-30 layers.



The purpose of aging is to make the moisture content in the slab uniform and prevent the surface layer from penetrating through the glue. There are two types of aging: open and closed. Generally, closed aging is used, and the aging time is about 5 to 15 minutes.

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5.Bending glue forming

Bending glue forming is a key process for manufacturing bent glued parts. With the development of adhesives and the development of heating methods, this technology is also constantly improving. Choosing the correct heating method can not only improve productivity, but also ensure the bonding quality.

At present, the use of high-frequency heating and pressing is an important technological innovation. ivermectin tropfen In short, high-frequency heating is to make molecules move rapidly under high-frequency alternating electric fields, and friction generates heat. Fast heating speed, short production cycle, uniform heating, good heating effect and good product quality. At the same time, the mold is simple to manufacture, low in cost, and easy to meet the requirements of various curved shapes.

Advantages brought by high frequency hot pressing:

1).Thickness is not limited, efficiency is improved. how does ivermectin kill scabies mites

Traditional heat conduction heating has its inherent heating temperature and time curve, and high-frequency medium heating has a large tolerance to the thickness of the workpiece, the thickness of the workpiece has little effect on the heating time, and the heating speed is fast.

2) Internal heating, even heating

The high-frequency medium heating is the internal heating of the object. The heat is generated by the friction of the medium itself. Therefore, both the surface and the inside of the object in the electromagnetic field are heated uniformly under the radiation of electromagnetic waves, unlike conduction heating. where to buy ivermectin in thailand The internal temperature is not enough and the surface has been overheated.

3)The time is adjustable and the process is controllable.

egThe high-frequency medium heating process is easy to control. When the power is turned on, the heating is stopped. When the power is turned off, the heating is stopped. The heating time can be adjusted at any time.

 4)Select frequency and precise heating.

At a certain frequency, various materials have different loss factors and different absorbed electric field energy. By choosing an appropriate frequency, a certain substance in the same electric field can be heated in a targeted manner, improving heating efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

6.Cooling and aging

After bending and pressing, various stresses exist in the inner part. The bent and unloaded parts from the mold must be placed for 4 to 6 days and nights to make the shape fully stable before they can be put into the next process.


The post-processing includes sawing, truncation, flushing, chamfering, milling, drilling, sanding, painting, etc., and is processed into curved wood parts with dimensions, accuracy, rough surface, and decorative effects that meet the requirements.


With the increasing demand for curved wood furniture in the market, the application of glue bending technology will become more and more popular, and the improvement of technology and equipment will be more conducive to the production of enterprises.

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