Band saw’s adjustment method for horizontal band saw machine

//Band saw’s adjustment method for horizontal band saw machine

Band saw’s adjustment method for horizontal band saw machine

Band saw’s adjustment is very important for us.Because band saw is widely used in cutting procese,no matter horizontal band saw machine  or vertical band saw machine or CNC band sawing machine.So we make some suggestion for you about Band saw’s adjustment method.Hope it can help you in timber sawing process.

How to run-in the saw blade used on the horizontal band saw?

A.We can judge whether the cutting pressure and conditions are correct according to the sawdust under the horizontal band saw

  1. Very powdery sawdust means that the feed rate should be increased or the saw band speed should be reduced;
  2. Thick, heavy or blue sawdust means that the saw blade is overloaded, and the feed rate should be reduced or the saw blade speed should be increased. Loosely coiled sawdust indicates the ideal sawing state.
sawing dust

B.The speed of the saw band: (the speed of the saw band is determined by the type of material, the width of the material and the tension of the saw band)

  1. Harder materials must use a lower sawing speed;
  2. The smaller width must use a faster sawing speed.
band saw blade

C.Saw band pressure and feed rate: (The pressure and feed rate of the saw band are determined by the type of material and the width of the material)

  1. Harder materials and materials with larger widths require larger pressures and feed rates;
  2. Softer materials and smaller widths require smaller pressures and feed rates.

Horizontal band saw machine is main for variety of wood, puzzle ,thick plate open processing board, solid wood flooring and other decorative veneer panels. High Speed and Accuracy in cutting.

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