Sanding and Equipment in Woodworking Process

//Sanding and Equipment in Woodworking Process

Sanding and Equipment in Woodworking Process

Sanding can be said to be an indispensable method in carpentry. The purpose of sanding can be roughly divided into two types, one is to achieve a certain shape, and the other is to smooth the surface.

With the progress of the industrial era, compared with other grinding tools such as cutting, sawing and planing, many sanding processes today are carried out by equipment. Sanding is commonly used in the fine sanding process of wood-finished furniture. The equipment is broadband sander, long belt sander, curved sander or brush sander.

1. Thickness Sander

The wide belt sander for wood-based panel is a typical equipment used in the wood-based panel industry by sanding belt technology. It is used to remove a certain thickness of material from the wood-based panel to obtain a certain thickness and surface quality.

SR-RP1000-1300 wide belt sander machine
Flat surface sanding
Lacquer Sanding
Flat surface sanding
Lacquer sanding
Wide belt sanding material

The wide-belt sander has wide processing width, high production efficiency, long belt length, good heat dissipation conditions, simple replacement operation, easy change of rough grinding and fine grinding, and high grinding accuracy. It is widely used in the wood-based panel industry. Broadband sanding machine has two structural forms: fixed thickness broadband sanding, broadband sanding with pressure pad.

2.Oscillating Edge Sander Machine

This vertical oscillating sander machine is mainly used to sand the edge of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, block board, bamboo flooring, furniture, plywood of various core board, floor etc.

MM2028 Oscillating Edge Sander Machine

3.Profile Sanding Machine

Profile sanders are widely used for surface polishing of various angles such as curved or flat wood MDF and plywood. With super heavy duty brush sanding groups in 1300mm width, it’s applicable to all kinds of  special-shaped workpiece plane and paint sanding.  All directions of the implementation of the production of sand light puzzle solution. Modular design of sand and light components and diversified technology. Improve sanding efficiency 3-10 times less then 70% labor.

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