Leabon Team Participate in Alibaba Hundreds of Export Firms PK Match

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The Third Season of Kick-off meeting for Hundred Export Companies Performance Battle  Started from August 22, 2018.

Cross-border E-commerce enters an era of big data. All sales teams from hundred export companies joined kick-off meeting in Guangzhou. With cultural heritage, high morale, dare to break through, and organizational capacity, all export teams at there want to become the core competitiveness of enterprise E-commerce development.

Knockout for Hundred Export Companies Performance  is a special custom battle for Alibaba clients. It is combined with other 3 competition groups. There is an excellent stage which corporate culture integrated military culture, school culture and family culture. ivermectina insuficiencia renal All teams can experience and learn about the fighting spirit of the Alibaba Army as quickly as possible. Come to the battle, Win from the battle. Battle of hundred export companies, we are waiting for you to fight!

Alibaba integrates internal and external resources to help export enterprises cope with the new situation of foreign trade. vermicida ivermectina At the same time, Alibaba help enterprises to temper their own foreign trade team and sprint for their dreams. The third season of Knockout for hundred export companies held by Alibaba, Foshan Leabon Machinery is ready with competitive edge banding machine, Sliding Table Saw Machine, drilling machine and timber band saw etc.


Excercise team: A team of soldiers trained in the PK mechanism.

Cultural Precipitation: Corporate Culture Lands, Shaping Corporate Culture DNA.

Achievements: Achieving doubled performance and increasing revenues.

Win-win cooperation: Resource integration, Ability improvement, Share and listen the benchmarking person in the export industry. para que sirve la ivermectina tabletas 6 mg para piojos

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