Bahrain, Leabon one engineer, 7 days, install 23 machines

working panel saw

From Jan. 7th to 13th,2019, against customer’s request, our engineer went to Bahrain to install Leabon woodworking machines.

It’s a complete new factory for furniture and door production, considering easy after sales and one stop quality control, all the machines of this factory buy from Leabon, including own manufactured edge banding machine, panel saw and fine selected partner’s hot press, CNC router, veneer cutter, spindle shaper, veneer jointer, glue spreader etc. Totally it comes to 23 machines! ingyen nyerogepes jatekok

During first 3 days, Leabon arranged engineer and installed all machines by himself and runs well. Then in the last 4 days, he taught the workers how to use and the daily maintenance knowledge of all the machines. sportfogadás Before he leave, all the machines runs well and the workers also grasped the operation and maintenance skills.


In the last day, the factory boss came and satisfied with his job very much. He said, one stop purchasing from Leabon, quality controlled, save our time, save our installation cost, it’s a perfect decision to buy from Leabon!

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