2020.9.7-10 Shanghai Internaitonal Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair

//2020.9.7-10 Shanghai Internaitonal Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair

2020.9.7-10 Shanghai Internaitonal Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair


September 7-10, 2020

Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center

Hall 7.1 D45

HOMAG will bring you

High-end solutions for panel furniture production

Software service complete solution

Gathering wisdom and integration, leading technology

The first international woodworking exhibition held after the epidemic, what latest products will Homag bring?

Homag has always been committed to integrating German advanced technology and equipment with the Chinese market environment. At this year’s International Woodworking Exhibition, Homag will continue to present the latest production solutions. Through the live demonstration, the audience can experience the company’s top-notch technology and equipment.
A highlight of this year is that Homag will exhibit the CENTATEQ E-310 hot-air seamless special-shaped edge banding machine for the first time in China.

New product recommended

CNC Edge Banding Machining Center



Automatic laser linear edge banding machine (seamless edge banding professional version)

wmf 4

SAWTEQ B-320 (HPS 320) flexTec

Panel cutting saw


Homag is committed to introducing and recommending the world’s advanced wood industry technology and equipment. It has introduced countless new processes, new technologies and new equipment for the secondary processing of Chinese furniture, flooring, doors and windows, wall panels and wood-based panels.

WMF 13

WMF International Woodworking Exhibition is one of the exhibitions Biesse must attend every year in China. Good harvest every time. The organizer also provides adequate support and assistance in the promotion and publicity of the exhibition.

What measures have been adopted for the impact of the epidemic on the development of the BIESSE Group industry?

1.Transform the factory into an intelligent system base

At the end of 2019, Biesse Group made a major decision for the Chinese market, that is, shutting down the production of entry-level basic models in the Chinese factory, and transforming the Chinese factory into an assembly and debugging base for intelligent systems and turnkey projects. The introduction of high-end models with the latest Italian technology has helped China’s home furnishing industry lead the world. The epidemic will relatively delay Biesse’s transformation speed, but it will not hinder the adjustment of related strategies.

Biesse has just launched a small and fully flexible customized panel furniture production line in the Chinese market. This production line is designed, assembled and debugged by Biesse China, and it has selected an excellent local automation supplier to cooperate with a series of advantages:

  1. Highly automated, only 1-2 workers can complete the entire production process from cutting to plate inspection
  2. Truly open up the front and back ends to achieve seamless order splitting
  3. Equipped with MES system to truly realize the whole production process monitorin

2.Launched SOPHIA, an intelligent service platform

From a service perspective, Biesse will continue to improve the speed of service and the quality of parts supply, and will provide Chinese customers with more value-added services. During the epidemic, Biesse China took the lead in completing the first online service training in the industry, which was well received by many customers.

At the same time, Biesse has successfully introduced the intelligent service platform SOPHIA to the Chinese market. jeffers pet ivermectin plus After that, Biesse will continue to strengthen the promotion of SOPHIA so that more customers can benefit from it.

WMF 14

3.Promote intelligent and intelligent solutions

Biesse will not adjust its established strategy in the Chinese market because of the epidemic, and will continue to promote intelligent and intelligent solutions to help different types of customers accelerate the process of automation and digitalization.

The epidemic will make many entrepreneurs realize the importance of automation and digitalization, whether on the production side or the service side. Biesse has a wealth of global experience in intelligence (for large factories) and intelligence (for small and medium-sized factories), which is very important to Chinese customers. Coupled with the Biesse intelligent service platform, it can provide customers with a complete automation solution that meets their needs. ivermectina in english

What is Biesse’s judgment on the development situation of China and the global machinery and equipment industry after the epidemic?

At present, most customers are still very confident in the industry. Of course, as mentioned above, after this epidemic, companies in the entire home furnishing industry supply chain have realized the importance of enterprise automation and digitalization, and there may be more demands in this regard in the future. Biesse Group has a very strong comprehensive strength in automation and digitalization, and I believe it can definitely help Chinese customers.

New product recommended

AirForce System

Hot air flow system applied to laser edge banding


RayForce System

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